"Everything is art. The weather, the clothes you wear or the way he looks at you. Everything is art."

Mandy Morello is an Entrepreneur, Editor, Creative and Writer. Most known for founding the British magazine The Carouser which focuses on vintage rock and drinking culture.
She was born in the West Country and lives in London. After studying journalism at London Metropolitan University, she entered the world of British Media writing for various publications like NME, The Quietus and Look. 
In 2013, she launched The Carouser and in 2014, the website followed. The themed magazines are published twice a year and contains iconic interviews, photography, features and stories, making them ultimately collectable. 

Mandy also continues to fulfil her need to be creative through her love of photography, graphics, illustration and poetry. She produces freelance work for a variety of businesses and clients. Her online portfolio can be found here.

Email: Bonjour(at)Mandy-Morello.com
Twitter: @Mandy_Morello
Instagram: @Mandy_Morello
Facebook: Mandy Morello