Drinking To Death

The gushing pour of the wine bottle.
The way it looks like gold in the evening sun.
The first will never be my last. 
I just can’t stop after one. 

I loose a day, I loose a dime, I loose a friend. 
But this night with you should never end.
I can loose everything
just for one more swallow.
I have no fear for 
what will be tomorrow.

"One before I go,
one more for the road,
one more couldn’t hurt."
I say as I try to rub the stain off my white shirt. 
Spilling promises and empty kisses,
You think I'm infatuated.
But when we wake up, it gets kind of complicated.

I don’t want anyone, and I don’t feel fine. 
I just want to be alone, with this bottle of wine. 


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