Why I'm Voting For Jeremy

In 2016, I applied to go on benefits. Before you start thinking I'm just a lazy waste of space- I had a job. Fresh out of university with no experience of having a job in my chosen field, I had to settle for something a little more unskilled to pay the bills. I began working in a bar.

What surprised me is that bar work is mainly available on a zero hours contract. When asking around, I told potential employers that I wanted more secure hours but was told "everything is zero hours contract now". So, I settled on one that promised me that I'd be offered the hours I needed.

It was summer, and the bar was busy. Whilst working, I managed to pick up a few unpaid internships to get that experience I needed. But as it became the winter, my shifts started disappearing and I was getting less and less money. Sometimes, I would turn up to a shift only to be told that I wasn't needed. But still, I was promised things would pick up.

As my waistline became increasingly thin and my bills got harder and harder to pay, I slumped into a depression. Not only because of my situation but because my mother had just died. My family and I watched as she was diagnosed with cancer and was unseen for a long period of time due to the doctor being busy. It seemed like forever until she got an appointment to treat the cancer, and by that time it was too late.

It all came to a head when I realised I couldn't continue what I was doing any more. I went to the job centre, I quit my unpaid intership and started looking for a non zero hours contract. Even with the help of the government combined with my bar job, it was hard to afford where I was staying. I lived in a studio flat the size of a small bedroom. The landlord increased the rent price to £650 a month- something I couldn't afford nor thought was worth it for the small space I had- I didn't even have my own bathroom!

But I'm not telling you all this just to moan. This just shouldn't be happening in a first world country. That's why I'm voting for Jeremy. He is promising to fix all the very things above that have made it extremely hard to survive; getting rid of zero hours contracts, unpaid internships, helping the NHS and even getting involved with the ridiculous price of renting. Labour plans to get the funding from the 5% richest- those who don't need the help and can afford to.

It's only with the help of my friends that I didn't end up in the gutter, most people might not be so lucky. That's why I'm voting for Jeremy to be a friend to those people that like me, need that help.


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