Ever since you left, I can’t see the good. 
I've lost my smile and I can’t find the positive. 
I’m blind. 

I love you. 
With all of my body and all of my mind. 
I know I was supposed to have stopped mourning by now, but I can’t switch it off like some bedside lampshade.

I wonder where you are now. If you’re thinking of me. 
Do you pour your heart out on the paper like I do? 
Are you still writing songs and are they about me? 
Do you think maybe we made a bad decision parting ways? 

You can’t make me happy but I’ve forgotten how to be happy without you. 
I wish you would show up in my life so I can remember why I don’t want you in it.  

Till then, I'll be forging answers to questions you haven't ever asked.


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