All Trolled Out

I'm probably asking for it. Everyone knows if you're going to write a blog post on trolling, you'll probably encourage others. But fuck it. I never respond to trolls and this is my little corner of the internet so I can say what I want.

I am Mandy Morello and I am a victim of trolling. It's been going on for a while considering I've decided to head up such a strong provocative force as The Carouser. I seem to get comments and messages from all angles. Facebook, Twitter, the site... the list goes on. Although I accept this is mainly a side dish of success, I still don't feel like it should be possible for anyone to throw their opinions at me no matter what time of the day. Frankly, I couldn't care less what you think about my hair colour, my writing or even my personality.

Don't get me wrong, I welcome critique and even the occasional grammar nazi. But I think the Internet has bred this negative energy in people where they think it's ok to try and bring people down from the comfort of their own keyboards.

Trolling doesn't "get me down" so to speak. I mostly laugh or feel sorry for the people that feel it's necessary to worry about me and take time out of their day to tell me exactly what they think without so much as buying me a drink first. But I can't say it has had a positive effect on me either.

So I did what any sane person would do and deleted my Facebook. I turned off all my notifications on each platform and filtered comments that contain certain words. Without that connection, trolls do not exist to me. Only the ones that stand in front of my face throwing a few fingers but that's just child's play.

Though a few friends have  tried to lure me back on, I stand by my decision. In a world that seems so focused on staying connected, I've pulled out my socket and have left the matrix. Because honey, there's a real world out there and it's much more fun.


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