Book: Mods The New Religion

I received this book to review for The Carouser and was absolutely charmed. The 60s is a beautiful era of political and fashion rebellion. Skirts were cut shorter and America was swamped with young teenagers protesting for peace. Naturally this book had sparked my curiosity.

The book is written by Paul ‘Smiler’ Anderson who interviewed several mods to paste a story together. The result is a scrapbook called Mods: The New Religion which took him 5 years to compile in order to get a complete account of the ‘60s Mod culture.

It was heavy and sized like a coffee table book which is where I've placed it. I ripped off that horrible plastic covering that most books have and settled down to read. To read it all would be a challenge, so I treated it as a bible. A pretty mod bible with thousands of old images splattered across its pages. 

 The book was split into sections like Vespas, fashion, TV and the Brighton riots. It is said to be the first book that covers small provinces and not just the big city’s love for Mod Culture.

The author himself fell in love with Mods in 1979 and has seemed to make it his mission in life to keep the culture alive through events, fanzines and club nights. He even hosted the biggest Sixties Mod exhibition in 2011. His love and dedication to the scene shows in his extensive research for this book. However, if it’s a factual book you’re after on the rise and death of the subculture, this isn’t the one for you. Mods: The New Religion is a fascinating memoir from an assortment of people from the ‘60s who seem to grasp a better picture of the time than any fan-made A-Z could.

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