London's Rooftop Cinema

Stratford Roof East

The sun falls down behind the buildings of Stratford, illuminating the roof in a tangerine glow. Already, this looks like a couple’s PDA palace; romantic and slushy. Though nothing a drink couldn’t fix, and as this is the screening of Casablanca, there’s no way I couldn’t resist grabbing a gin from the rooftop bar.

Although you can still hear the sirens and bustle from the streets below, you can’t help but be mesmerized by the charm of watching an old black and white underneath the stars with passing planes. Popcorn and blankets are available to make sure you’re comfortable and headphones are adjusted to catch every word spoken from Bogart’s lips like the evanescent line.

What nationality are you?  Bogart: I’m a drunk

I became completely immersed in the movie even though the English weather nipped at my arms. I can imagine this would be how vintage men like Bogart would have enjoyed their movies. Drink in hand, as the projector flickers on to a screen with the backdrop of London’s skyline. Here’s looking at you, kid.

Written for The Carouser






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