Embellished Bras: The Magpie's River

There's something so delicious about underwear that is instagrammable. While the prudes and haters will turn their prim noses up as though you have just instagrammed your own poo, I feel that a public display of lingerie is alluring and desirable. And like all thing we instagram, we start to care more about what we're taking a photo of whether it be food, style or landscapes. I believe we should care more about what we cup our breasts with rather than that nasty mishapen primark bra that you bought just because it was cheap. A well made bra will stand the test of time and are worth investing in because when you're wearing great underwear, you feel great.

The Magpie's River is a small shop on Etsy that caught my eye for its intricate embellishment and attention to detail. They look slightly fragile but good enough to be outerwear. The designer resides in the country where she hand crafts her bras under the name of Little Magpie.  The photos of her designs are given the same attention which is pure instagram porn.

The Magpie's embellished bras are inspired by country life and it definetley reflects in lace, beading and florals. I hope good things for this designer and maybe one day she will find herself flying from the coops of Etsy and on to the high street.