Love Supreme Jazz Festival 2013

As I was sipping my drink in the sunshine, a man walked towards me and asked if I wanted to go on stage with Nile Rodgers. Of Course I said YES! I was dragged up on stage and danced in front of thousands of people. It was mind-blowing.

People came far and wide for Love Supreme. It was the first Jazz Festival for Britain and everyone was excited. A mixture of young and old


people had gathered to see the impressive Line-Up. I was surprised at how lively people were as I had been expecting a more subdued reception.

Luckily, I had backstage access due to working at Jazz FM. This allowed me to see interviews and how busy people actually are behind the scenes!

People were walking around with these red orbs that reminded me a bit like the Oods out of Doctor Who. I had to grab myself one and it was a cocktail bursting with rum, juice and luck because it was the same drink I had when I was pulled up on stage!

White Mink's set was by far the best set on Saturday as they really got the crowd going and had the funkiest bands plucked from Brighton. Below is their compilation that you HAVE to hear.

Another stunning performance came from Lucinda Belle who looked and sang beautifully with her impressive harp by her side. Extremely talented and not afraid to be funny, watch my footage of her version of Nirvana here.

If you're looking for a diverse and quirky festival, Love Supreme is the one.