Style Icon: Bride of Chucky

If you are going to take style tips from a doll, forget Barbie. The Bride of Chucky inspired me from a young age and I really fell in love the idea of a murderous temptress. I loved how Tiffany could control any man that she wanted yet she was so dark and mysterious. As a human, guys would lust after her and she would kill them to get what she wanted. The love of her life bound in a stapled broken doll who then subsequently turns Tiffany into doll form to join him. So, stuck in a cutesy doll, she makes herself over into an edgy rocker doll that any Bratz would be intimidated by. Her trademark boob tattoo always on show in black cleavage hugging dresses. Her make up done perfectly dressed with a beauty spot and dark eyebrows. Her hair always big and back combed. Barbie, eat your heart out.

style icon: bride of chucky