Style Icon: Clara Bow

This style icon of mine transports us all the way back to the roaring twenties amongst Jazz and drinking. 
You could argue that she was the Lindsay Lohan of her generation.

 Her name is Clara Bow and she was a silent movie star in the 20s. She was shocking, single and sexy. If you know about the 1920s then you would know that being provocative was frowned upon. Hollywood stars shunned her but they still couldn't deny that her movies were smash hits. Even after her many failed romances and lack of party invitations, her fans adored her and she carried on. Her movie It Girl was one of her biggest movies and the first to use that term. Even though I can't say that she was the first fashion icon, I can certainly say that she was one of the first Movie Star Icons. 

Also with the Great Gatsby movie coming out, 1920s fashion will be trending. So Clara will be perfect for this month's Style
Saint edition. 
Clara Bow stunned the upper class by wearing just a swimming costume to a posh dinner party. Her fashion was how she expressed her rebellious side.She treated expensive dresses would be treated as though they were from Primark. This is why her fashion sense would still be ever relevant today. Roll up, roll up for flapper dresses, feathers and fans.

style icon: Clara bow