Exhibition: Tim Walker

 Tim Walker welcomes us into his Narnia to discover his fairytale vision and see the world through his eyes.

He is a famous fashion photographer, whom I mainly knew from his work for vogue. His photos are always done in a surrealist style that paints a fairytale story so it was no surprise that the exhibition was glittered with props from his most popular shoots. 

  There were things like a scary doll to wasps playing violins, Tim Walker's props were massive. There was no expense spared when making these objects as they had so much detail. Even the doll had knickers on! A luxurious swan boat stood elegantly while a skeleton hung from the ceiling. It made fascinating decoration for the room but Walker's photos shone from the walls. 

  Iconic celebrity portraits like that Alexander McQueen photo to the high end fashion shots, you can immediately tell that Tim Walker's work is something special. My personal favourite of Scarlett Johansson dressed as Bette Davis showed that he doesn't shoot the typical kinds of photography. 

If you didn't make it up to Somerset House, a book was published to accompany the exhibition called Tim Walker's Storyteller.Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...